The Wiser Team

The Wiser Team are entrepreneurs, real estate investors and real estate agent professionals. Living in the Salt Lake Area to Utah County and going to universities in Utah/Salt Lake County has greatly familiarized the members of this team with all the local areas. With current degrees in Marketing at the University of Utah and Business Management, it has made it so that coming into real estate with experienced knowledge has greatly helped them perform with all sides of the real estate game. The Wiser Team has been surrounded their entire life around family members who invest and involve themselves with real estate, allowing them to hone their sales and negotiation skills to levels that of agents that have been in the industry twice as long. The Wiser Team has developed the ability to determine value of homes with unprecedented accuracy. For those looking to either buy or sell properties, our team will not disappoint.

Melissa Leonardson | Kristy Wiser | David Wiser | Giselle Fabbri (Team Assistant) | Lindsey Cullimore | Brandon Sookhoo

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