5 Awesome Reasons to sell this WINTER

I'm sure you've heard these reasons before and it's probably because it is true!!

1. Demand is Strong!

With 2 1/2 months of inventory on the market right now buyers are looking for good move in ready homes and are having a hard time finding them.

2. There is Less Competition Now!

A lot of sellers selling in the spring is the best time so the market tends to get flooded with homes in the spring. 

3. The Process will Be Quick!

With an awesome team on your hands we can make this process quick and easy. Even more so since the lenders and title companies may be a little slower.

4. This is the time to move up!

The inventory on luxury homes have increase and have not been selling as quickly as they have been coming on to the market. This has cause the luxury market to enter into a buyers market. 

5. Let go of the Past move on!

What has been holding you back from moving? Let it go. Move on! Get into that next dream home!

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